Makenchis anyone?

I haven’t mastered the English language by any means as good as I would like to. It gets really hard at one point because the language offers all these different words that basically mean the same but have different connotations and therefore are not interchangeable.  Believe me, it’s a daily struggle and writing a blog in a foreign language can get ridiculously time-consuming when you have to double-check  every other word with Merriam-Webster. So, at this point, please accept my deepest apologies for all my spelling mistakes and completely illogical, extremely confusing syntax accompanied by a sincere “F.. you!” (As long as you’re not writing a blog in German, you have no right to complain!).

However, as much as I struggle, there are always people who struggle more than I do and a lot of them worked in restaurant kitchens with me. There, everything has to be labeled. That’s pretty tough for somebody who barely understands the language but it can be also pretty hilarious at times. Here are some of the gems I stumbled upon during the last years. Tip: auditory phonetics might help a lot!
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Fancy Schmancy Fleur de Sel Caramel

Tara... at least I wrapped some of them!

Tara… at least I wrapped some of them!

For some reason I can’t exactly put my finger on, I felt very “wrappy” today. I sensed the desperate need to make something that I can wrap into something else afterwards.

As if that doesn’t sound crazy (or obsessive compulsive) enough, I have to confess, that I’m feeling these kind of pressing impulses a lot lately. The strong urge to start running (I hate running), the exigent wish to go back to university again (3rd career?) or the immediate feeling that I should pick up tennis again (it has just been about 20+ years since I last played).

However, to make a long story short, I decided to make caramels which I would then cut into pieces and individually wrap them into tiny little pieces of wax paper. Chances are that I’m over my wrappy-y feeling by the time it has set but if so, at least we will have caramels!
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“Super natural cooking” & “Super natural every day” by Heidi Swanson

There isn’t really much more to say about Heidi Swanson. I already wrote my puff piece in the “I like” section. These two are definitely some of my favorite cookbooks ever. Thoughtfully put together, easy to navigate, beautifully photographed, what else to you ask from a good cookbook? She also published a third book (which I own but honestly forgot the name) which was an attempt to sort food by colors and didn’t really work out for me. If you get a Heidi, I recommend getting one of these two (or both).

My blogging heroine

May I introduce to those few of you who don’t know her yet, my all-time, go-to favorite food bloggerin – the amazing Ms. Heidi Swanson. She’s quintessential San Francisco and definitely worth checking out!

I stumbled upon her blog a couple of years ago and have been a devoted follower ever since. If you’re looking for fast and foolproof recipes that are always delicious and working out, look no further! You can search for recipes, ingredients or seasons and she will almost always give you alternatives and adaption as well. But the best thing is that all her recipes are wholesome, healthy and vegetarian!

I love this lady and her blog

Mission statement, duh

Consider this to be bubbles, ok?

Consider this to be bubbles, ok?

Pastries are like bubble baths. Not exactly reasonable or necessary but awesome!

You might even feel a little guilty because it’s not resourceful to take a bath and you could have done something more productive instead of soaking in the tub. But on the other hand you’ll also tell yourself “Well, I used all organic bubble bath and aside from that I really deserved it!” And didn’t you enjoy it too?!

With sweet treats it’s exactly the same: If you treat yourself, do it right and with no regret!

Streusel will always try to use the best local, organic products, wholegrain flours, reduced natural sweeteners and whatever else it takes to make deliciousness even better, remorse disappear and you smile but Streusel will never sacrifice taste, flavor or texture in exchange.

Because a treat is a treat and only if it’s delicious it’s happy!

Grasshopper-less Brownies

This treat is very atypical for me for two reasons: First of all, its very American and second (and more important) I’m not much of a mint-chocolate person at all.

But, it was M’s birthday and I was looking for something a little more festive than the usually cookie thing but also stable enough to hold up outside for a while. Plus,  it seems like everybody else besides me likes the combo and (after my epic bacon chocolate chip cookie disaster) I really wanted to put out a crowd-pleaser, so…
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Hi. My name is Claudia and I write this blog.

I am an Austrian-born Pastry Chef who used to be a journalist/copy writer in a former life and currently lives in Los Angeles.

I love food and cooking it, working out, books, writing, traveling, sunshine, parmesan with cucumber, (writing in brackets) , snapping my fingers, my husband and a ton of other things.

When I grow up I wanna be a “chef” chef, a fashion editor, a fitness trainer, a full-time yogi, a professional photographer, a shop owner, a nutritionist and a race car driver (not necessarily in this order ). There are just way too many interesting things to do… But for now I stick to baking, living, snapping my fingers and enjoying it!