Surfing with Unicorns and other fun stuff

I’ll keep it a little more personal this time, ok?! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome for a couple of reasons and although, I was exhausted on Sunday night, it felt great. But first things first.

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Makenchis anyone?

I haven’t mastered the English language by any means as good as I would like to. It gets really hard at one point because the language offers all these different words that basically mean the same but have different connotations and therefore are not interchangeable.¬† Believe me, it’s a daily struggle and writing a blog in a foreign language can get ridiculously time-consuming when you have to double-check¬† every other word with Merriam-Webster. So, at this point, please accept my deepest apologies for all my spelling mistakes and completely illogical, extremely confusing syntax accompanied by a sincere “F.. you!” (As long as you’re not writing a blog in German, you have no right to complain!).

However, as much as I struggle, there are always people who struggle more than I do and a lot of them worked in restaurant kitchens with me. There, everything has to be labeled. That’s pretty tough for somebody who barely understands the language but it can be also pretty hilarious at times. Here are some of the gems I stumbled upon during the last years. Tip: auditory phonetics might help a lot!
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My blogging heroine

May I introduce to those few of you who don’t know her yet, my all-time, go-to favorite food bloggerin – the amazing Ms. Heidi Swanson. She’s quintessential San Francisco and definitely worth checking out!

I stumbled upon her blog a couple of years ago and have been a devoted follower ever since. If you’re looking for fast and foolproof recipes that are always delicious and working out, look no further! You can search for recipes, ingredients or seasons and she will almost always give you alternatives and adaption as well. But the best thing is that all her recipes are wholesome, healthy and vegetarian!

I love this lady and her blog