Surfing with Unicorns and other fun stuff

I’ll keep it a little more personal this time, ok?! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome for a couple of reasons and although, I was exhausted on Sunday night, it felt great. But first things first.

Saturday was a day of premiers! I finally went surfing for the first time and I attended a Kirtan for the first time.

Can you believe it took me so long to go surfing? Knowing me and my current location you might have thought, I was predispositioned for it but, a) I am somehow scared of water/waves and b) I didn’t want to make a complete fool out of myself. However, it was actually fun! I really enjoyed taking in the coastal view, watching dolphins jump and almost high-fiving a seal (we’re old school, we don’t do the fist pumping thing). Not that I want to brag about it, but I also did pretty good at the actual surfing part. Admittedly, the almost boat sized Styrofoam board, the rather gentle waves and the extra push from Tony (the living cliché of a 23-year old Aussie surfer dude) might have helped a bit, but.. I caught the very first wave, stood up and thought to myself “Well, that was easy!”. I got disabused shortly after but that’s a whole different story and overall I am looking forward to do it again.

To put the cherry on top of my “try new things Saturday”, I attended a Kirtan at my yoga studio. WHAT!? Isn’t that one of these hippie-dippie things my cynical alter ego would never attend? Yes and No. Kirtan is call and response chanting and supposed to be one of the fastest ways to spiritual enlightenment. Needless to say, I didn’t get enlightened; but I still enjoyed it. Plus, the girls at Moksha Yoga are really awesome and super talented when it comes to bringing together a bunch of nice, fun people and creating a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that eases you into trying new things. Talking of which: I actively participated at the event by bringing some treats. I think, one of them is my new favorite!

Saturday resume: You have to keep an open mind and an open heart. Yes, you heard me! I said it. And I mean it. But don’t worry, East coast friends, I’m not yet a do-gooder, tree-huger; SoCal isn’t turning me into a sissy! It takes a lot more than some surfing and one Kirtan to convert me… Exorcism maybe?!

To keep it balanced, my Sunday was quite contrary to my Saturday program but nevertheless fun. Again, I did spent some time sweating outside, but instead of guzzling salt water I sipped cucumber martinis and replaced dolphins with, allegorically speaking, unicorns in tiny red briefs. I finally got to hang with some of my fellow Bootycamper’s who – after three months of working out together twice a week at 7 am – really grew on me. I’ll be forever indebted to the amazing Lacey Stone for kicking my butt and introducing me to this eclectic bunch of lovely people. All I can say is, you know you had a great brunch when you’re hung-over at dinner time!

To end the weekend on a high note, I went bowling with my fellow Moksha friends on Sunday night and proved once again that I am a jack-of-all-trades… not. Bowling and I are not meant to be, and as much as I admire “the Dude” I’ll never become one myself. All I can do is embrace my weaknesses, go with the flow and drink White Russians.


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