The weekly cookie

I heart cookies. I really do.  I like the crunchy ones just as much as the gooey ones and I don’t really prefer chewy, crumbly or chunky… it doesn’t matter to me. I like the simple yet versatile nature of them and I like that I can enjoy them at any time of the day because they never weigh me down like other desserts can. Actually, it’s the opposite, they are the perfect pick-me-up. But, of course, there are a few things I am not exactly crazy about.

Uno: I don’t like my cookies underbaked… (dramatic silence)

WOW, bold statement, in the United States of dough eaters. I can almost hear most of you scream “B..S..! Raw cookie dough is the best shit ever” (Yes, that’s really how upset I think some people might get!) but I still don’t like it.

Let me put it this way: I came a long way understanding American food culture. I came to accept cupcakes (Honestly I still think that they are absolutely over-hyped mostly dry little cakes with way too much buttery sweet frosting in a cup but I can force myself to an “Awwww, soooo cute!”), I started to appreciate my daily Venti bold vs. a cultivated Melange and I even began a serious love affaire with peanut butter. BUT – I will never love raw cookie dough. Period

Due: I like my cookies rather small.

No giant quarter pounders for me. Why? Because they look cuter. And taste better – which eventually is directly related to my dislike for raw cookie dough. And because I’d rather eat three cookies instead of only one.

Tre: I dislike white chocolate in my cookies (or really anywhere else)

I know, white chocolate macadamia are a huge winner, just not for me. First of all I think white chocolate is just too sweet and doesn’t really add any flavor (hence it’s not really chocolate but mostly cocoa butter, sugar and milk) and second it doesn’t look pretty in cookies. Ergo, no white chocolate cookies from me.

All that said, may I introduce my weekly cookie column. What is it about? Hmmm, take three guesses..


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